Who We Are

We’re a network of entrepreneurs and professionals passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience to help others succeed. We love learning about how to do things better. If you do too, get in touch today.


The Wealth Masters Academy facilitates our fully accredited business blueprint program. Created for entrepreneurs and business owners



Our partnership with European Graduate Universities and Global University Alliance means that we can offers courses and programs specifically for today’s busy executives



Many of our members and contacts are high net worth individuals are looking for investment opportunities on a regional or international basis.



We also facilitates crowd funding of carefully vetted investment opportunities. Projects will be carefully scrutinised and, where appropriate, advice and guidance offered

About Us

The Wealth Masters Group is a world-class leading provider of business development and solutions. We help private and governmental organisations build capacity and efficiency to capitalise on potential. We help leading enterprises outperform others and become agile. With Wealth Masters Group, entrepreneurs learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning. Members have opportunities to invest in projects for capital appreciation.

Global Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides a cross section of expertise from the commercial, entrepreneurial and government sectors. Together they have more than 100 years’ business experience. As individuals and as a group, the board is passionate about the way personal growth and business growth so often go hand in hand. The Advisory Board is proud to be part of that process.

Executive Leadership Team

Advisory Board

Our Objectives

We’re a business development network. We add value. We help you succeed.

  • We Create Opportunities to interact with and learn from world-class experts in leadership, management, business and investment strategies.
  • We Promote Business and Personal Development for Enterprises and Individuals
  • We Provide Support and tools for Entrepreneurs
  • We Invest in Projects for Capital Appreciation
  • We Deliver an environment to discuss proven strategies for business growth
  • We Support Women and Mothers in Business
  • We are a community empowering personal and business development.
  • Learn, Network and Grow with Us.


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