What We Offer


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Our coaching services provide managers, leaders, business owners and individuals with the skills and tools they need to find their purpose, develop their full potential and motivate them to perform at their highest level. Effective and efficient coaching involves understanding people, mindset and behaviours, recognizing opportunities for personal and professional growth, and identifying practical, real-world ways they can adapt for better results.

Coaching has many benefits to both the individual and the organisation and below are few of them
Establish and act toward achieving goals.

Our Coaching strategies gives the individual or the organisation an opportunity to define their goals in a more realistic way.

Increased level of engagement.

Coaching engages participants with its unique one-on-one or group feedback and lots of encouragement.

Safe place to gain perspective

Having an experience coach like ours gives the individual a safe space to go and talk through sensitive issues.

Deeper level of learning.

Corporate coaching is not just about improving the business owners skills; it takes learning to an even deeper level.

Build awareness.

We offer ideas and ways during coaching sessions to coaches to improve themselves, but more importantly we help them become aware of their blind spots.

High Level Accountability.

Our coaches will hold you accountable every step of your journey for performance.

Supporting System.

We offer all the necessary support to coachees to improve specific areas of their business or lives.

Coaching for Individuals

For Individuals looking for a coach to UNLOCK and EMPOWER their PONTENTIAL in this world.

  • Our coaches will partner with YOU the client, help you define and achieve your goals and objectives.
  • We aim is to support you the INDIVIDUAL to develop and improve your performance.
  • We will help you set SMART GOALS and help you get CLARITY on HOW to achieve it in time.
  • We will HOLD you ACCOUNTABLE, provide CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK and monitor your activities throughout your coaching sessions.

Coaching for Businesses

For small and medium-size companies that want to take their companies or staffs to the next level of performance and beat competition in their industry.

  • We will help you manage your coaching activities well
  • Help your team be more ACCOUNTABLE
  • Help SIMPLIFY company’s OPERATIONS
  • Help achieve EXPONENTIAL RESULTS in matters of weeks
  • EMPOWER your Team growth and development with the right tools and skills
  • Grow your business by listing it on our website to attract new clients

Coaching Programs

Executive Leadership Coaching

Our Executive Leadership Coaching are for skilled and targeted conversation that challenge and support executives to help them, and their business, to excel over a long term.

Whether you are focused on attaining an individual career goal, success with a team project, or are going through a time of transition or return to work after a break, the WMG executive leadership coaching service is designed to support you in achieving your ambitions via targeted and skilled conversations with one of our competent and professional executive coach. It helps the executive to enhance personal impact and performance by identifying solutions to specific work-related issues.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is widely used to support persons who feel stuck in life, or want more happiness, or more joy, or more time to spend with their beloved family.

Our life coaches will GUIDE you by providing the tools and support for needed to broaden your perspective and open your mind to your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL

We will EMPOWER you the individual to realise your own self-worth, self-belief and build your self-esteem that has diminished.

Sessions will help you IMPROVE in the sense that you will go from where you are to where you have always wanted to be through a step by step approach.

Purpose Discovery Coaching

We are all here on earth for a specific reason or purpose. Many grapples with the question why am I here and what is my life purpose or assignment?

Our Purpose Discovery Coaching will help you answer life most difficult yet purpose question to your existence.

Many who have been through this coaching program have eternal peace and have gone to flow in their stream with their all and more importantly living a happy life.

Result Coaching

Life is all about getting the results needed in any endeavour. This coaching program is not only guiding you define your goals but also support you find out why you’ve not been getting the outcomes you’d want.

We will guide you to develop Strategies that will help you get through these challenges. When done right, results-based coaching stretches you to achieve profound results.

If you are looking for RESULTS in whatever you are doing, we are here to SUPPORT YOU achieve them in no time.

Subconscious Mastery


We all grew up hearing voices. The first voice a baby growing up in the womb is a mother’s voice. When that child is born will be hearing many voices. Some of these voices are the father, siblings or close relatives, friends and families of the family and later teachers before that child begins to hear his or her own voice.

All these voices will shape that child in some way or form. Having been dominated by these voices for so long, how do you identify your own voice? How do you win over voices that has dominated your life for so long especially if it is a negative voice?

All successful have learnt how to manage this voice and use it to their advantage.

This coaching program will help you identify, control, manage and use it to get great results.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching sessions is a business owners’ ultimate program to achieve EXPONENTIAL RESULT.

Our business coaches or consultants will assist and guide you the business owner in running a business by helping clarify the vision of your business and how it fits in with their personal goals. It our BLUE PRINT COACHING PROCESS that take businesses from where it is NOW to where it should be.

    We will help you the business owner
  • Create and build actionable plans
  • Create owner accountability
  • Improve operations and implement systems in Sales, Marketing, and Team management
  • Grow your business with bigger, better and great clients
  • Build championship Team
  • Overcome cashflow challenges and make better decisions that benefit the business
  • Develop Business and Leadership Skills
  • Confidence and Mindset for exponential growth
  • Develop Success Habits
  • Become more accountable

Coaching Programs

At Wealth Masters Group, we use these 3 types of coaching methodologies in helping our client achieve the results they want.

Group Coaching

Our approach leverages the experience of a group of individuals which may or not work together.

It has been found out as organisations are increasingly using coaching as a way of boosting performance within their teams the best coaching methodology is group coaching as it helps improve relationship, health, and work stress.

It’s a very powerful and effective coaching technique for working and supporting people.

It brings the best of individuals out.

It promotes idea diversity, collaboration among employees, and learning from others as peer group work together.

It’s also cost effective for both individuals or organisations provided the goal and vision are the same.

One to One Coaching

Is the process of One-to-One coaching interaction between our coaches and clients in a very secure, private and confidential environment to allow the client share and receive support. It revolves around sharing experiences and knowledge around specific topics our clients want to discuss. In overall it benefits the client in achieving goals, increase confidence and become productive.

Elite Masterminding

The concept of a Masterminding Group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill. In his book Think and Grow Rich, Hill described it as ‘The condonation of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony.

    Some Benefits of Masterminding:
  • Challenges and Successes are shared
  • Get instant and constructive feedback
  • New ideas and insights are generated
  • Improves and develop big thinking
  • Support and opportunity of growing your network
  • Vision and goad are challenged in a positive way.
  • Safe and confidential environment to open up
  • Team of advisors for free.
  • High level of accountability