Who We Are

Wealth Masters Group offers real life learning. We offer specific training and problem-solving techniques to help you develop a strategic approach that suits your business, team and organisational vision.  Our experienced consultants provide you with specially tailored solutions that help your business become more efficient and agile – you’ll be more prepared to respond to changing conditions and you will be equipped to quickly turn challenges into opportunities. We’ll help you learn to leverage opportunities and scale up your advantages to maximise your competitive edge.


We achieve this by conducting detailed analysis, supported by process mapping the current state of your organisation. We identify root causes of the challenges you face. During interactive workshops we work jointly to determine countermeasures to overcome existing challenges; you’ll be ready to lead your organisation into a new phase of active


and development.


The Wealth Masters Academy

The Wealth Masters Academy facilitates our fully accredited business blueprint program. Created for entrepreneurs and business owners, it is designed to help build and grow a successful enterprise.


We will provide you with real tools for all the key aspects of building, running and growing a business, a business that will be fit to generate wealth now and across generations. Whether you have just an idea, a start-up, or are an existing business owner, our academy will give you the most efficient proven world class strategies and system models for your business to run profitably and securely.


Academy Modules

  • Discovering Life & Business Purpose
    Aligning your purpose in life with your business aims, and vice versa
  • Developing Business Ideas
    Developing and commercialising a business idea – the practical implications without losing the creative spark
  • Writing & Developing Business Plan
    How to structure and create a realistic, persuasive and effective business plan
  • Sales, Marketing & Branding
    An introduction to three key strands of opportunity and business growth
  • Social Media Optimisation
    Using social media to maximise your online presence and drive leads towards conversion
  • Cashflow
    The life blood of every business is cashflow. How to generate cashflow in your business



  • Subconscious Mastery
    Learning to overcome the inner doubting voice; develop confidence in articulating your vision
  • One-to-One Coaching
    1:1 coaching to support your personal and business growth
  • Group Coaching
    Group challenge and discussion to support an honest understanding of progress and next steps
  • Result Coaching
    Coaching for specific results, both short and long term – for you and your individual needs
  • Mentoring
    Focused on the individual development which lies at the heart of personal growth and business success
  • Masterminding
    Developing and executing complex plans needs clarity of thought and meticulous preparation
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
    Coaching designed to support your transition into leadership or develop existing leadership skills



  • Strategic Leadership and Management
    Leadership focused on the end result, without forgetting that processes also needs nurturing
  • Wealth Creation
    Why (and how) successful wealth generation is about more than the money
  • Strategic Championship Team Building
    Discover the keys to building effective teams around mutual respect and shared targets
  • Administrative Management
    Why good administrators and managers can make or break your business
  • Sales and Customer Services
    Making sure that customers keep coming back – or at least recommend you to others
  • Financial Management
    An introduction to financial management for SMEs and Start-ups
  • Business Analysis
    Learn to love the data; learn to leverage the understanding it brings


Executive Education

Our partnership with European Graduate Universities and Global University Alliance means that we can offers courses and programs specifically for today’s busy executives who wish to blend learning with their existing responsibilities.


Programs range from BA International Business Management, BSc in Finance and Management, Banking, MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD. The courses are tailored for your particular needs and ambitions; participants can usually finish the courses more quickly with us than via the traditional classroom model.


Additionally, during the course of studies, we are able to offer up to three face to face tutor-led seminars in your home country and one abroad. Awarding bodies are in the United Kingdom and France.



  • Corporate Consulting – developing a context for the use and utility of consultancy services
  • Strategy Consulting – learn to develop strategic leadership and how to differentiate it from management.
  • Operational Consulting – why getting operations working well is crucial to success and growth
  • Financial Consulting – compliance and transparent accounting underpin best practice
  • Information Technology Consulting – understanding how communications and information technologies continue to grow, and are key to secure future business growth
  • Human Resource Consulting – How to make the most of human capital and ensure best employment practices
  • Market Research Consulting – develop a deeper grasp of the way analytic market research can contribute to product development and a broader client base
  • Financial Advisory Consulting – how financial best practice goes hand in hand with strategic thinking and access to capital funding
  • Risk & Compliance Consulting – identify hazards, assess and evaluate risks and ensure compliance
  • Business Architecture & Organisational Standards Trading – robust business structures need careful planning and a focus on meeting key standards to remain strong; but they also need to remain flexible and responsive to deliver longevity.



Many of our members and contacts are high net worth individuals looking for investment opportunities on a regional or international basis. They are looking for reputable companies that can serve as a bridge between regions or in inter-continental markets; they are looking for responsible businesses to help minimise the risks of cross-border trade and investment.


Many of our investors are ready and willing to make substantial capital investments in return for equity and/or profit share. We also work with reputable Angel investors who provide capital for business start-ups, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.


Wealth Masters Capital

Wealth Masters Group also facilitates crowd funding of carefully vetted investment opportunities. Projects will be carefully scrutinised and, where appropriate, advice and guidance offered.  This is also a chance for first time investors to contribute to a potentially large venture with relatively low risk, and for those with more experience to access exciting start-ups at a formative stage.