Executive Legal Strategist

Lyndsay Hercule

Lyndsay Hercule represents and advises high-growth technology startups across multiple jurisdictions. Using her years of experience in International Business and Corporate Strategy, she develops entrepreneurial operations in trade, data security and intellectual property covering various industries across Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Serving as Legal Officer for one of Australia’s prestigious and leading cosmetic company, she was involved in extensive liaison with external intellectual property lawyers on disputed matters in competition law and trademark infringement. She has also worked in private practice, providing legal services and data privacy frameworks to individuals and organisations, towards compliance with global data privacy regulations.

Serving as primary negotiator on sensitive government procurement concerns within Australia, Lyndsay has drafted, reviewed and managed a range of licensing agreements and commercial contracts; assessing whether conditions constituted violations of government statutes and bylaws.

Lyndsay has also been involved on matters surrounding governance, international human rights and U.S. public policy. She has provided legal and policy planning support to the efforts of assisting Haitians and other nationals. By extension she prepared interrogatories towards litigation as Legal Fellow with the Institute of Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH).

In relation to issues of Immigration and Human Rights, Lyndsay has advocated before U.S. Representatives and Senators in support of bills allowing persons designated with Temporary Protected Status, to remain in the United States and obtain a pathway to permanent residency.

Her interest in technology, data governance and public policy; together with her position on unalienable rights in regards to universal access to healthcare, saw her assigned as Lead Lawyer for a global initiative under the International Medical Community (IMC) domiciled in Rome, Italy; aimed at improving healthcare parity through technologically advanced solutions.

Lyndsay is admitted to the Supreme Court of Brisbane, Australia as a Solicitor. Further, she holds a Masters in International Business from Hult International Business School. Lyndsay is fluent in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole.