Certified Business Analyst

Isaac Kojo Wallace Jr

An experienced Business Change and Transformation specialist who has conducted various high-profile assignments for some of the world’s leading Financial service organizations. A strong passion for assessing business solutions and efficiencies. My primary focus is first and foremost on customer satisfactory. I ask myself all the time how I can leverage the power of technology and business practices to provide innovative solutions that require high service levels and commitment to customer care.

Some of the exciting projects I have been involved in was replacing Royal Bank of Scotland business group’s legacy system Transact with the more powerful PowerCurve Originations system. Working with a team of experts from RBS, we were able to build a solution that allowed them to consolidate real live data to make quicker and efficient decision on their financial products as it pertains to the customer. As the saying goes, “knowing more about your customers allows an organization to make confident decisions”.

I have acquired a BSc in Business Management and an MSc in International Business Management; both attained from the Sheffield Business School.

On the professional qualifications front, I am almost fully Chartered as a Business Analysis practitioner and UI/UX Designer; a fully qualified Lean Six Sigma professional, Design thinking practitioner, SAFe Product Manager certified and fully licensed Solution Architect for both Strategy Design Studio and PowerCurve Origination.

In the Wealthmasters domain, I operate as a Business Analyst Consultant, working with our clients to help them improve their processes, systems and help make their strategic goals a reality. In previous assignments for the group, I have conducted research and analysis in order to come up with solutions to business problems and help introduce these systems to businesses and their clients.