Business Advisory

Ceirion Dewar

Bishop Ceirion Dewar is a unique voice of hope in an ever-changing world. His passion to bridge the divides between peoples of all nations, cultures and backgrounds has lead him to diverse locations and even more diverse audiences. With over 20 years of experience in his fields, he is a skilled communicator that challenges the mindsets and thinking of every person that connects with him.

He is renowned for his psychological/philosophical intellectual approach that he delivers in an intensely direct oratorical style, aimed at stimulating the intellect of people on all levels of life. Many have called his method, "practical, poignant, and powerful.”

Ordained in August 1999, he was consecrated a Bishop in 2005. He has served in multiple executive roles within ministerial organisations.

Ceirion is a keen advocate of media, he is a YouTuber, and is often found on Christian and Internet TV and radio, having appeared in many TV and Radio broadcasts on the Onyx News Network, MiracleTV, GoodNewsTV, TBNUK, GODTV India, Faith TV, BBC, CNN, The Word Network and others.

Ceirion is an International Speaker, International Political Consultant and Campaign Strategist, International News Correspondent, Mentor, Life-Coach, Business Consultant, Author and a leading voice in Organisational Management, having built two international platforms for emerging organisations.