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Wealth Masters Capital

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We also facilitate crowd funding of carefully vetted investment opportunities. Projects are carefully scrutinised and, where appropriate, advice and guidance offered. This is also a chance for first time investors to contribute to a potentially large venture with relatively low risk, and for those with more experience to access exciting start-ups at a formative stage.

Group member contribute small amounts of capital to finance a new and existing business ventures.

We welcome other investors to join as well.

Alternative Investment Funding for Creditworthy Businesses

Crowdfund your business

Raise funds for your start-up or existing business.
Whether you’re just starting out or need a little extra support, the Wealth Masters Group is the place to come to raise money for your business.

Alternative business funding refers to any non-traditional finance method. They include:
  1. Investments (angel investors, venture capital) — Individuals or organisations give you funding in exchange for equity. Usually for early stage companies with high growth aspirations.
  2. Crowdfunding (equity, donation, or rewards-based) — Your funding is achieved by lots of individuals each giving a small amount. In return they either get a stake in your business, some of your product/services or another reward.
  3. Online lending platforms — You take out a business loan and pay it back with interest, similar to a bank loan but with a quick, online process.

How we work

As a business solution and capacity development expert, we understand how hard it is to get loans from the high street banks and the enormous interest you will have to pay as a SME or Entrepreneur.

WMG will connect creditworthy with individuals or organisation who have money to lend. You will get the finance your business needs to succeed, and those who lend to you earn interest as you repay.

Types of funding we support

Business Investment
Fixed sum of amount is borrowed and pay it back in monthly instalments with added interest.

Equity Investment
Allows business owners exchange capital investment for equity in the business

We offer alternative business investment of £50,000 to £500,000. To be eligible to apply for a loan with us, you’ll need to:
  1. Have at least 2 years’ trading history
  2. Registered with country’s office of trading
  3. Certificate of registration and commencement of business
  4. Legal document of registered office
  5. Business owner and directors’ profile
  6. Detail Profit and Loss
  7. Balance Sheet Information
  8. Account Name and Registered Address
  9. 3-5 Business Plan
  10. Business Pitch Deck
  11. Business is trading in Africa

To protect our investor or investing firms, we will look at how your business has performed over a long period of time to help us make the right decision

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