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Who We Are

About Group

The Wealth Masters Group is a world-class leading provider of business solutions and capacity development. We help private and governmental organisations build capacity and efficiency to capitalise on potential. We help leading enterprises outperform others and become agile. With Wealth Masters Group, entrepreneurs learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning.

Our approach is client-centric, geared towards delivering customized business solutions that deliver lasting value to their businesses. Based on a thorough and detailed understanding of your business and objectives, we offer tailor-made modelling, strategy and performance improvement recommendations within our business advisory solutions offering.

We’re change makers. We know that it’s not really organisations that change, it’s people. When a business transforms, it does so because individuals transform too, person by person. So, our focus is on the individual. We empower our members with networking opportunities, business referrals, and coaching & mentoring, to maintain legacy businesses and develop new ideas and markets. We pride ourselves on conducting business summits, seminars and master class webinars with long lasting benefits for our members. The organisation currently has members in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In our drive to achieve our goals, we welcome partnership and networking with established private and government enterprises, foundations, charities, entrepreneurs and business owners.

What Makes us different

Our client-centric approach has been supporting individuals and businesses performance. We believe organisation change because individuals change. We understand the business environment and we endeavour to get the best results for our clients, and we have the people, systems, processes and technology to outperform our competitors.

  1. Market Intelligence & Insight

    Our ability in gathering and analysing relevant data to drive future decisions for our client’s market trend makes us unique and unparallel.

  2. Delivery & Innovation

    We consistently deliver high standards of quality, efficiency of everything and even exceed our customer’s expectation. We do that because we value our customers time and uses every opportunity to improve services.

  3. Market Value & Excellence

    We are known for offering the best advice and guidance to businesses and organisation on how a company can maximise strategy, increase profits, add value and resolve issues.

  4. Africa Market

    The Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement is an ambitious trade pact to form the world’s largest free trade area by connecting 1.3bn people across 54 African Countries. It aims to create a single market for goods and services in order to deepen the economic integration of Africa. Our understanding of the Africa Market and the Agreement, position us to support SME’s and Entrepreneurs take advantage and create success stories.

Our Key Values

P. H. I. C. E.

P – Professionalism
H – Harmony
I – Integrity
C – Collaboration
E – Excellence

Our Mission

Equip and Empower enterprises and leaders with real world skills and tools to deliver value and market leadership. Provide professionals services to support personal and business development for growth.

Our Vision

Be the world’s leading provider of business solutions and capacity building for enterprises.

Our Objectives

  • We add value and help our group members succeed.
  • We Create Opportunities to interact with and learn from world-class experts in leadership, management, business and investment strategies.
  • We Promote Business and Personal Development for Enterprises and Individuals
  • We Provide Support and tools for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • We Invest in Projects for Capital Appreciation
  • We create an environment to discuss proven strategies for business growth
  • We Support Women and Mothers in Business
  • We are business group focused on Africa and her Diaspora
  • Learn, Network and Grow with Us.